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0 It's been a long refit!

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  • by Rodney Pell
  • 01-03-2019

The short, dull and often wet Winter days have made things difficult but the warmest February ever allowed Steve and James to make good progress. The new planks are in, caulked and hardened up and after four coats of undercoat are looking good. Steve did a fantastic job of laminating the BC Pine to perfectly fit the compound curves of the hull.  Work can now commence on tidying up the interior but that is easier said than done as Sheemaun is still on blocks and access is via a twelve feet long ladder!

Invitations to festivals have been coming in, so far Sheemaun expects to be at - Oostende voor Anker 23-26 May, Escale Calais 21-23 June, Fete de la Mere Boulogne 11-14 July and Queenborough Classic Boat Festival August 31 - Sept 1.

The book - Little Ship, Big Story -

This now seems to be taking on a life of its own! I can now find it listed in the UK with - Foyles, Blackwalls, Waterstones, Revaluation Books, Monster Bookshop, Ria Christies Collections, The Book Depository International, Books2Anywhere. Internationally it is listed with Amazon, Ebay, Kenny's Bookshop Galway, Kenny's Bookstore USA, WFL Holstrills USA, Great Book Prices USA, Barnes & Noble USA etc.

Yours Aye

Cap'n Pugsley

It seems to be popular in Kent where our local bookstores have asked for more copies. Very exciting!

The Little Ship Club London posted an excellent review and the Old Gaffers Association will be reviewing it in their Spring magazine.



But, the priority now is to get Sheemaun back in the water where she should be and ready for crossing the Channel.


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