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0 How our world has changed!

  • by Rodney Pell
  • 29-09-2020

Well, it all went belly up!  The February 2020 weather was awful so no outside work could be done, however, Anthony parish of Ramsgate marine Ltd took the mizzen mast down and together with all the other spars it was taken into his workshop for re-varnishing - 12 coats of Le Tonkiinois


Meanwhile, in March, Covid 19 hit the World population. All work at the Marina ceased, we weren't even allowed to attend our boats.


It was not until July that some work could be resumed and that limited to such as I could manage myself. Of course, and very sadly all international festival events had been cancelled (not that Sheemaun would have been ready anyway).


And so, the old boat now is in generally a pretty good shape ready for the Winter lay-up even though she has had no 2020 season! An interesting finding was that two 'intractable' leaks were traced to where pan head screws had been used instead of countersunk screws to secure the bridge deck railings to the aft of the wheelhouse. Even close inspection did not give the slightest clue that water could get in behind the screw heads, but a hosepipe dribbled gently onto them quickly confirmed the situation.


Covid 19 restrictions have curtailed all Author Book-Signings, talks and literary festivals.


As to Covid 19 transmission - just imagine a guitar or say a violin being played, The strings vibrating as they produce sound. Then imagine wetting them, immediately a mist of microscopic water would emanate. Well; our vocal cords are moist and they vibrate when we talk. Yes. even talking can and does spread a fine potentially infected mist. The wearing of masks will remain an important precaution for years to come!


Yours RP


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