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0 Bad News and Good News

  • by Rodney Pell
  • 25-06-2019

For many years past, in heavy rain and wind, there been a drip of water from a beam above the shower tray. Last year some discolouration and bubbling of paint on an area of the internal pine cladding at the rear of the wheel-house indicated there was something bad going on. A few weeks ago I found the likely point of water ingress in a most unlikely place just under the aft wheel-house roof over-hang.

Last week, now Summer has arrived (well if I discount the current severe thunderstorms and yellow flood warnings). I started with much apprehension to hack out the rear wheel-house internal panelling. Oh what an awful sight greeted me! Great mushrooming wet-rot fungi stared back. After several days of chiselling, sawing and hammering I have deconstructed the rotted frame (once beautiful pitch-pine by the look of it). Litres of Cuprinol® have been sprayed. I anticipate a few more weeks will be needed  for  'hacking out'.

The good news is that I have bitten the bullet, opened Pandora's Box, found the trouble and now can plan the localised re-build.

 Other good news relates to an email from a former Journalist -

"Dear Rodney, I have just had a holiday in Italy, and took with me Little Ship, Big Story. I have to say I am full of admiration for the work that has gone into it.

As an ex-journalist, I know how difficult it can be to link together a wide variety of events into a single coherent narrative, and you have managed this with flying colours.

I was born in South London in 1940, so I found that the description of the London Riverside and the bombing raids on London itself, stirred many memories. Our own house was bombed out, and we moved into a shared requisitioned house where we remained until materials became available for rebuilding, in about 1948. Happy days.

Your story is so much more than the history of Sheemaun, and a pleasure to read.

Best wishes,"





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